FMS International Ltd, uses the Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors for cargo tracking. Cargo Tracking system ensures real time temperatures and humidity monitoring of cargo, ensures security of cargo(unauthorized door opening), tracking delivery of cargo, asset management to for roll cages( last known locations), and more.

Wireless BLE Tags eliminate physical wiring and are easy to install, they are placed in the back of the trucks where cargo is and up to 8 sensors are placed there for accurate readings.

BLE Tags are permanently affixed on the door of the back of the truck to detect unauthorized door opening. These BLE Tags are easy to maintain and have a long battery life of up to 2-5 years.

Features of Cargo Tracking

  • It gives status notifications & alerts on the App or Web Interface about cargo lock status and temperature/humidity reports.
  • Secures and monitors goods on transit as well as those in the warehouse.
  • BLE Tags are easily installed and run without any additional infrastructure.
  • The cargo system can easily be controlled on the App or Web interface.
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