This system relies on both the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and a cellular system. A GPS tracking module continuously picks up the generator’s precise coordinates, determines the real-time location of the asset, measures and monitors the fuel readings of the assets.

Generator tracking basically includes fuel monitoring, for example operational fuel per liter, refuels, engine hours, battery voltage, run hours, fuel drops due to theft, fuel levels, to mention but a few. Users can access the real-time tracking data through logging in to the App or Web Interface.

Key features of Generator Fuel Tracking

  • Fuel monitoring:
    Monitoring all aspects in relation to fuel. For example, Fuel tank quantity, fuel drops due to theft, refuels, fuel wastage, operational fuel per liter, and many more.
  • Performance monitoring:
    Monitoring of engine hours , battery voltage monitoring, operational run hours and maintains temperature profiles of the generator. Access real-time data about generator performance according to a wide range of pre-defined parameters, making it easy to schedule maintenance or replacements. replacements.
  • Predictive maintenance:
    Streamline maintenance plans in case of parameter changes so that operators can fix the minor issues before they escalate. Endeavor to maintain the equipment efficiency as close to OEE (Original Equipment Efficiency).
  • Analyze the generator load:
    Monitoring makes it possible to analyze the generator load and pinpoint low-performing generators that are increasing the load on the load on others.
  • Notification Alerts:
    Alerts via Email and SMS about when different events or parameters change. For example, fuel level drops below a specified threshold, maintenance due, engine over load, and more.
  • Report Generation:
    Generate reports to monitor asset performance. For example, generator fuel reports, Operational reports, Service log reports, AC to DC
  • Turn generators on / off remotely:
    Remote control of engines enables operators to turn generators on/off remotely without being present at the generator’s physical location.
  • Manage a variety of generators on a single platform.
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