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Rwanda Energy Group [REG]

The Rwanda Energy Group Limited (REG) and its two subsidiaries; The Energy Utility Corporation Limited (EUCL) and The Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) entrusted with energy development and utility service delivery in the country.

Problem Statement a) High fleet Maintenance costs. b) High Fleet Fuel Expenses. c) Slow response to rectification of power failures.
Benefits realized due to Solution Provided a) Reduction in fleet Maintenance costs due to solution reporting of maintenance costs per Km covered. b) Reduction and control of Fleet Fuel Expenses through elimination of fuel thefts and non refueling instances. c) Improved timely technical response to rectification of power failures due to reallocation of vehicles close to reported faults..

Since REG adopted the FMS Track system Three [3] years ago, maintenance costs have dropped 48% and time spent on vehicle maintenance has dropped 50%. The FMS Track system enabled REG to gain control of maintenance operations and costs and to focus on growing the business. According to Theotime Rutayisire, “The FMS Track system has been paramount to REG’s growth.”

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