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Nile Breweries Ltd

Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) was established in 1951 by a group of businessmen, associated with the Construction of Owen Falls Dam. After several ownerships, SABMiller Plc, the world’s 2nd largest brewer in the world, acquired the company in 2001 from the Madhvani family. The combined capacity of Nile Breweries Limited with two plants in Jinja and Mbarara stands at 2.45 million hectolitres of beer, making NBL the No 1 provider of locally produced beer in Uganda with a 59% market share. The company was recognized as The Investor of The Year 2015 by Uganda Investment Authority.

Problem Statement
a) Erratic and slow delivery of beer supplies to the market by transporters
b) High Transporter costs related to distribution of beer supplies.
c) High fleet maintenance costs.

Benefits realized due to Solution Provided
a) Turnaround time for delivery of beer supplies to the market drastically improved due to clear visibility of location of transporter fleet
b) Transporter distribution costs were reduced and pegged upon mileage covered as reported by the solution.
c) Fleet maintenance costs reduced due to solution timely alerting on trucks due for maintenance as a result to hitting the maintenance mileage

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