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Uganda Revenue Authority [URA]

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Corporate Plan 2002/03, 2006/07 was launched on 24th October, 2002. The Plan’s focal point is to maximize Central Government tax revenue and also improve the Corporate Image of the organization. It’s vision is for URA to ultimately collect revenue that will fully finance Government’s recurrent and development expenditure.

As operational costs increased, the Authority realized it needed a generator fuel management solution to keep pace

Problem Statement
a) High Generator Maintenance costs.
b) High Generator Fuel Expenses.
c) Lack of information on Generator functional status.
Benefits realized due to Solution Provided
a) Reports of Generator working hours and maintenance due alerts to management activated.
b) Reports on Generator Refueling and Fuel utilization reports received by management and integrated in the URA Financial management system.
c) Reports and alerts on Generator functional status monitored by URA Management.


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