Why Push-to-talk Telematics?

Simplicity in use
The task is to provide employees of manufacturing plants with personal  monitoring. It’s simple to use at  first glance, has a long battery life of up to 5000mAh, can work at factories with no cellular networks coverage in some areas using Wi-fi, and also eliminates employee sabotage.

Features of Push-to-talk Telematics

  • GPS Tracker working on GSM and Wi-Fi
  • Battery life greater than 3000mAh
  • Voice communication between employees
  • Wi-Fi points installed around work place extend coverage.
  • SOS buttons for emergencies.
  • Reliability at all times
  • Ease in use at first glance
  • Can be connected to over 99 channels

Advantages of Push-to-talk Telematics

  • GPS fleet management
  • GPS local and hosting App
  • AES256 E2E encryption
  • Voice quality (8,16,24,48KHz)
  • Video quality (320х240, 640х480)
  • OTAP device management
  • SOS Emergency Alerts
  • Call history (audio, video)
  • Up to 99 channels for customer
  • Private user calls
  • OTA device updates
  • TTS speech of selected channels
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