Why Video Telematics?

  • Reduce traffic accidents
  • Shows Transport Overload
  • Shows Fatigue Driving
  • Provides evidence for law suits & insurance
  • Reduce Terrorism/robbery/theft

Features of video Telematics

  • HD live Video & Audio Streaming
  • Historical Video playback and download
  • Alarm/Event-based Videos
  • Snapshots from cameras
  • Driving Behavior
  • Vehicle Status detection(ACC/ignition  status, gsensor, speed, etc.)
  • Accessory Integration
  • Etc.

Video Telematics – Driver Assistance

  • Forward Collision Warning(FCW)
  • Headway Monitoring Warning(HMW)
  • Closed eyes detection
  • Smoking detection
  • Lane Departure Warning(LDW)
  • Yawning detection
  • Calling detection
  • Water Drinking detection
  • Integrated with  MDVR Solution
  • Easy to configure
  • Work with CMS
  • OTA to Upgrade

Video Telematics Accessories

Video Telematics for Oil & Gas Companies

Video Telematics for School Buses

Video Telematics for Public Passenger Transport

Video Telematics for Police and Security Agencies

Video Telematics for taxi / cabs

Video Telematics for Agriculture

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